Wednesday, 18 June 2014

No winners

Sorry for the lack of posts but I am not feeling very happy at the moment.  I did dither whether to post anything at all but have decided that if you are to blog you should be open and honest and no-one is ever just happy go lucky.  I'm thinking that most of us have negatives in our lives.

Saying that I am not going into too many details as you never know who is listening!!!

I am however feeling sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated and generally fed up.  One of H's brothers has attacked us on FB on a private message (PM).  Now copying the entire family into it makes a PM a complete joke but what do I know.  It amazes me that the attack is so one sided, all "my" faults, oh to be so perfect - must be a difficult life.

It frustrates me that whatever we do now will be wrong so we have decided rightly or wrongly to do nothing, say nothing, not reply at all.  This does mean there is a real possibility that the family will no longer exist in the future again and that saddens me.

I am also so angry that I can let other people make me feel so bad when I have not done anything wrong.  To intentionally go out of your way to hurt someone, well is that someone we need in our lives??????

Anyone got that rather famous watch that says "Don't let the buggers get you down"?  I think I could do with a copy................

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