Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New York 5

Our last morning :-(  Another glorious day of blue skies and sunshine.  Knowing out flight was late in the evening we were a little worried about how the travel would affect H's MS so after breakfast he went back to bed whilst N and I did a little more shopping.

Final View of New York

We checked out at 12, took H for his last minute shopping and lunch and then decided rather than sit in the hotel reception killing time we'd walk back to the bus and get back to the airport to see if we could check the bags.  I am so glad we did.  We got on a bus (just), our stop was the first stop, and by the time we were at the second stop it was full.  I'm not sure if anyone ever got on at the 3rd stop and the queue waiting was huge.

The journey back to the airport was uneventful.  Much easier than getting to JFK a few years ago.

The only thing I found stressful is getting through security.  I mean, we get to go down the fast pass lane with the wheelie BUT we then have to get everything into boxes to go through the X-Ray machine.  I had to sort myself and H and take off his shoes etc all the time getting shouted up to hurry up I was slowing the lines down etc.  Not sure how much quicker I could have done it without ripping one of his feet off - that might have been quicker if a little messier!!!!

The flights home were great, the cabin crew, especially the chap looking after our section were fabulous.  Couldn't have offered more help to H if he'd tried.

 We might have been sad to be leaving (she was joking - I think!), or feeling silly (he'd had a Stella!!!).

Someone may have been told that her Bacardi was at risk if she feel asleep so she came up with a nifty solution :-)

Not sure why the bloke in the baseball hat was so grumpy!

By the time we arrived back home I think we were all knackered.  I managed to stay awake until about 7pm before sofa sleeping.  H and I are already saving to go back.

PS I fell in love with a product whilst in NY.  I was trying to be so good, but I was pushing the wheelchair for miles each day so I wasn't too worried.  I accidentally found the following and ate 2 packets whilst in NY and another packet the second we unpacked...........  I think it's a good job I am not American, I would have packets of this in my cupboards.

Anyone going to America want to send me a bag - I found them in CVS Pharmacy but they could be anywhere - just waiting for me................... :-)

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