Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Spring Cleaning

I am in the midst of a spring clean - what do you mean it's no longer spring????  I am going room to room and clearing as much as  possible.  I hope, that this means when we are ready to sell our house, I will have already achieved a large part of what needs to be done so I will find it easier later on.

Now, I am too ashamed to show you before photos but I may take some after shots.  The only thing that I find disheartening is that it looks worse than before I started!!!  I started in the living room and although it is tidier there are still piles of stuff waiting to be put away.

Now I am in the dining room.  45 minutes to tidy my bureau - I am trying to make a decision with each item - bin/charity/keep (& put away).  I may have underestimated how long the whole house is going to take me :-).

If I can get both rooms finished and add the kitchen and spare room this week then I will be a happy bunny.  I suspect our bedroom and attic will remain junk rooms for a little longer though!!!!

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