Saturday, 14 June 2014

17 years ago today

17 years ago today I changed my name.  I left one behind , Miss B and became Mrs A.

I remember that on the way to the wedding, we saw H's parents in their wedding car waving madly at us.  My Dad turned to me and said "It's not too late to change your mind".  Thanks Dad, love you.

The moment we saw each other.  I was nice and calm until they opened the doors at the back of the room to walk down the aisle, then my leg (just the one) started shaking and I wanted to leg it!!!!

Can you recognise anyone?  (Obviously, to those who know me, as otherwise it'd be silly!)

I have to agree that uniforms rock!

One of my fav photos below.

I loved my dress, absolutely adored it. Yet, I would never have bought it without the lady in the bridal shop.  I tried a few on and wasn't blown away with any of them.  Then the Lady suggested that she had a couple I might like and they turned into my dress and my second choice.  I was so panicky the night before, absolutely certain it wouldn't fit and in the end, H could have probably worn it with me!!!

I'm thinking I'll be in trouble if either of the bridesmaids finds my blog!!!!

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