Thursday, 29 May 2014

New York 3

(Being nagged by Mum to add more to my New York posts- sorry for the delay Mum!)

Another glorious day, another fab brekkie and another early start.  We've realised if we want to get a table easily in the breakfast room we need to be down there for 7.45am.  Now we've cottoned on it should be easier than yesterday!!!

Today we are heading to the High line.  I am not too tired from pushing H yesterday (thanks to the Hop on Hop off Bus).  Things start well - but then with every block we notice more and more potholes.  Some suddenly appear on the pavement, some are where the curb meets the road (they are the best ones), some are noticeable, some are not so noticeable and stop me dead in my tracks - especially bad when leaving the road to go up a kerb at the other side.    Some dropped kerbs don't even drop all the way to the road - it's a real game, every time we cross a road and boy do you have to do that frequently.   I can understand why you don't see too many wheelchairs in New York............

Luckily I am wearing leggings under my skirt so I have a little protection on my legs - still hurts every time I hit a pothole though :-( and H has the cheek to complain when we hit them!!!  But with the sun shining it's not so bad.

The top end of the High line is only about 10 blocks from our hotel and has a lift at the end. It's a shame when we get there then that the lift is not working.  So H and N start a slow climb up the stairs whilst I collapse the wheelchair and think about carrying it up the stairs.  Now, I accept that I need to learn to accept help when offered, but why is it the people who look like they need help themselves that do the offering.  I got half way up the stairs before the older gentleman insisted that he help carry the chair with me.  To that gentleman I say thank you - to the younger people on the stairs, I say you should heed his example, or I'll tell my Mum.

I have been to the High line in November when unsurprisingly virtually everything is dead/asleep for Winter.  It is so much nicer in Spring.

I love the way the planting has been done.  Colour everywhere (H says green is fine and is a colour, I tend to disagree!).

I love that they have added/kept some tracks and planted in them.  The people who created/upkeep the garden are not afraid of what it is and that's great.  There is no pretending to be something it is not. 

 I also love the streets leading to/from the High line.  I love that you have modern buildings, old buildings, building sites, narrow streets, wide streets.  It really speaks to me.

 Places to sit everywhere.  Though I didn't get photos of all the different types of seating - N did you?

You are never far from a view.  I used to think the building in the middle was the Empire State Building and had quite a shock when I discovered it isn't!!!  So for evermore it will be known as "NOT the Empire State Building".

 I first saw this mural (below) in Winter and the colours popped.  I still think that the colours pop and the blossom on the tree adds to it.  It is one of my favourite parts of the High line (or should I say favourite view from the High line!).

This is another favourite bit of mine.  I love the window cut out so you can see the street.  (BTW it took my ages to get a photo with a yellow cab in it passing below!)

Thankfully at this end of the High line the lifts were working so we got off and walked through Chelsea.  I think both H and I loved this bit and just wish we hadn't been so tired so we may have explored it more than we did.  

The best bit of being an adult is that if you want cake for lunch then you can!!!

On the evening M met up with her cousin and H and I had a meal in the hotel.  I was too tired to even think about pushing him anyway else!!!!  We had planned a romantic evening, a bottle of champagne..... sadly, the hotel didn't have any champagne (wtf), Hubby accidentally poured half a glass of red wine all over me (I think accidentally!) and the sweet potato fries were soggy.  Still It was short push along a corridor so that made up for some of it :-)

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