Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Making me HAPPY last week

This is the latest I've been in my happy posts.  I think the dreary weather has been affecting my "cba" factor this week.

Anyway, making me happy last week;

1) Meeting my friend S in Leeds.  S had a babysitter so we had the perfect excuse to meet up.  We no longer work together, and live about a 35 min drive/1.45 bus/train journey apart (and I can't drive), so don't get together as often as we'd like.  So when we do, we shop, talk, eat, talk, talk.  S it were great.

2)  Meeting my friend C and G for lunch.  It was at C's house and it was raining again.  G and I think that it rains heavier when we visit C at home.  Whenever we visit it is either absolutely chucking it down or snowing.  I don't think we have yet visited on a beautiful day.  Still it was gorgeous sitting in the living room, in front of the fire.  Thanks C.

3)  Getting my first Birthday present.  Thanks C and G - it's the perfect gift and I am still smiling.  Can you tell what it is?  (apart from on fabulous dots and spots stationery)

4) Anni B.  Ah, come on, she's usually on my list.  We went for a walk with S and L (L has just turned 2).  Anni is nervous of people, but whilst I was with L she actually sat with S and got attention.  She even took the world's smallest sticks from L, ever so gently and he was so happy to be giving her sticks.  Mind she spat them out when he wasn't looking.............

5) A girls night to celebrate an engagement.  The evening was A LOT of fun.  We saw someone in a dress who doesn't usually wear a dress, we saw chocolate moustaches..............

PS The mother of all handovers on Sunday.  Why do we do it????????

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