Sunday, 18 May 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

What a glorious weekend this weekend is turning out to be.  It's amazing how life is so much better with sunshine and blue skies.  To be honest, I think I enjoy the blue sky more than the sunshine.

Making me happy this week;

1) Not sure who is the boss here.  Every day Anni jumps onto Hubby's chair for a cuddle.  Now I am still undecided who enjoys it more.  This time, Anni settled her head on H's tummy and sighed contentedly - but as soon as I pick up the camera she wants to check what I am doing so I haven't gotten the perfect photo yet!!!!

2) Crochet.  I had my first lesson a week ago and I've already made this.  I am dead chuffed with myself.  I may only be able to do one stitch (trebles), but now I have started I am already looking for new things to make.  Granny Square anyone?

3) Meeting a friend for lunch in Leeds.  Thanks M, it was lovely to see you again.  Maybe next time we'll be sat outside in the sunshine.

4) Discovering no side effects from pushing the wheelie round NY the other week.  Phew, I was dreading the aches and pains when I'd given up!!!!!!!  Happy face.

5) Blue skies - I love you.

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