Saturday, 1 March 2014

Feb Roundup

I think I could get used to my monthly round-ups - but I must remember to take the camera out more.  I start quite happily at the start of a month but then it tends to tail off as the month progresses.

Main Pic: Anni making friends in the woods.  Champagne on 14th Feb (it had been in the fridge for a year and we were still a day late celebrating), gorgeous roses (still going strong), fab book I received for Christmas, a view from our local woods, the house I feel in love with when I first came to my village suburb.  I love the house, would hate cutting the hedge!

Crafting Roundup:

Not as busy this month.  Main Pic: Victoria Sponge.  Dave's new lap blanket (not finished), my new blanket (not finished).

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