Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Finished - well nearly

It's done (nearly) and taken just over 2 weeks (including a 3 day break when I was ill this past weekend).  I may be ignoring the fact that I still have work to do, but I can do that.  Cause I made it, so I can now ignore the tiny little bit which still needs finishing - cause that's how I roll!!!!!!  Can you tell what I may have left to the very end, even though I swore last time I wouldn't?

Yup, an entire lap blanket's worth - humph.  Why, oh why do I not learn.  Before you think that I will have learnt this time I have to be honest the blanket for me which is half finished is exactly the same and I have no intention of sewing them in until the very end.  I'll then regret it again, but maybe I need something to moan about sometimes!!!!

Want to see the almost finished blanket?  It is longer than the image below as I had to balance it on the banister.  I knitted it as a lap blanket for my Hubby when he is in his wheelchair.  When he's sat down it goes about half way between his knees and his ankles.

I was more than happy with it.  I love the colours, I think it is more me than the pink version I am doing myself!!!!  Can anyone tell me why, after all my hard work he has decided he prefers it the way below????   MEN!!!


  1. Next time, leave the ends longer. As long as your stripes are narrow, you can then make plaits from them and tie the ends off, then trim neatly. Result!

  2. I can see Hubby with plaits Gill!!!!!