Sunday, 23 March 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Making me happy this week;

1)  Paddling in my wellies.  Are we ever too old to not find this making us smile? -er, don't answer that one Mum!

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 2) Baking.  Chocolate chip buns below (slightly overdone as I forget about them - twice).  I also made Raspberry buns too.  What do you call them?  I used to make bigger ones and I'd call those muffins.  But the small ones were buns growing up so buns they stay.  What's your favourite flavour?

3) Walking with Mum and Dad in the sunshine.  Anni adores my Dad.  In fact, I'd say she adores him more than she does me!!!!!!  It's such a sight to see her walking by his side gazing at him.  My first dog, Patch adored my Mum so maybe it's only fair to swap this time.

4) The local library.  I am trying not to buy books and I think I have only bought 3 this year so far - which for me is a real achievement.  I have only given in when one of my fav authors was half price in Waterstones and have 3 charity shop bought books to put aside to take with me in Summer.  So I love the fact that I can order books online to my local library and they email me when they arrive.  I ordered 8 books last week and the first 3 have arrived already.  I'm not sure what I'd do without my books - I have yet to appreciate e-books - they just don't do it for me.

5)  Meeting new friends.  We're meeting a friend of a friend who is coming on holiday with a group of us later this year.  We thought we'd start him off slowly and go out for a Sunday meal with a smaller bunch of us.  I'm writing this before we go - so maybe I'll have to change this once when we get home if he can't stand us!!!!  Ah well V, you've paid now so you'll have to put us with all for a week in the sunshine :-)

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