Thursday, 27 March 2014

When things don't go to plan!

I have a rather bad habit of not trying anything new.  I don't mean trying new food - I've cracked that one (mostly) but I mean new things generally.  I don't try new things as I have a fairly mad idea that I can't fail at something if I haven't tried it.  It's a habit that I am trying not only to break, but to smash into tiny pieces so I can never fall back onto it again.

Let me give you an example.  I love knitting again.  My Grandma F taught me how to cast on & off and knit when I was a teenager and then I stopped before I did anything else.  I think I did about 6 squares with the intention of making a blanket.  I then picked up the needles last year and started again - I could even hear my Grandma F's voice in my head telling me how to cast on, and I did it first go (Thanks Grandma!).  So I knit things - squares, scarves, simple things.  Then I taught myself how to Purl - this took multiple watches of You tube videos and involved me sticking out my tongue - it helped, truly.

So I have knit 1 pram blanket, 2 lap blankets, and 4 scarves.  I have a list of beautiful things I NEED to knit but the old "Oh, I could never do that struck".  So in my first attempt to break down my "oh don't even try" mentality, I bought some dishcloth cotton (3 weeks ago!) and started my first dishcloth.  Now I am certain(ish) that I followed the pattern.  So can anyone tell me why my stitch looks nothing like the original????  Anyone, Mum?

The original can be found here .  I have obviously done something incorrectly - but for the first time, I am not struck with disappointment.  Yup, it looks nothing like what it should be it's fine and will do the job just nicely.  Want to see my version?

Now I think I may start another one, in a different pattern whilst I wait for my Mum to come down and explain where mine differs from the pattern.... MUUUUUUUUUM.

Then I may pluck up the courage to try knitting something not a square/oblong - maybe!!!!

Edited: Thanks to G's help we've figured out where I went wrong.  I read the pattern as knit row 1,2,1,2 etc it actually says knit row 1,2,2,1  - and yes I can usually read!!!!  I shall try it again.

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  1. Is it because you a) used a different colour? or b) actually knitted stocking stitch instead? To do moss st, you need to k1, p1 over an ODD number of stitches. Over an even number, you just get stocking stitch!

    But it's a good piece of stst!