Friday, 28 March 2014


My hubby and I always said we'd never holiday in the same place more than once.  The world is such a big place and we wanted to visit as many different places that we could.  One Summer we were flicking through a holiday brochure - do you remember them, before we all relied on the Internet?, and I saw a  hotel that I HAD to stay at.  Except it was fully booked.  The photo was something like the one below.  I fell in love with the stone of the hotel building, the blue of the pool, grass (actual grass by the pool and not concrete), the old town raising up on the horizon.  I was in love, but it wasn't meant to be.

We stayed in a little place up the road, nice pool, no grass, cheap.  Too hot to move after 10am in the morning.  Nice little balcony in the shade.  And our trip to Molyvos was done and dusted.  The world needed to be explored.

The following year, we went somewhere else and we hated it.  HATED it.  So English, not us at all.  So when we started to look the following year we went back to the Molyvos pages.  We umed and arghed for a long time, the world was still out there, but we went back to Molyvos.  To a hotel with the most beautiful view (we could no longer afford my dream hotel).  Excuse the quality of the photos, but these were before we had a digital camera - I've just taken a photo on the camera!!!!!

From left: View of hotel from pool, view of pool and castle from balcony, sunset over the sea towards Turkey.

We loved, the pool, the view, but the owners were a little scary.  If you crossed them, then you suffered, oh you suffered.  It was a bit like Fawlty Towers but in the sun.  One room had the shower which gave you an electric shock, one room had a window between the bedroom and bathroom so if you got up in the night you woke up the other person.  We fortunately didn't cross the owners and we had a good holiday.

Then we went back.  We didn't cross them and we had a good time.

So we went back a 3rd year, we didn't cross them, but they were getting a bit funny with us and since it was at the top of a big hill (20 minute walk uphill) it was getting too much for Hubby, so that was that.  Our lovely affair with Molyvos was over.

Until we found; Eriphilly hotel.  Again, a nice apartment block, fab pool and friendly owners.  We'd found our place in the sun.  So we returned again.  We still loved it but it got too far for D to walk to so we looked again for a hotel nearer town.

So I thought it wouldn't hurt to look at my dream hotel again.  And it wasn't full and we could afford it (just) so we booked it.  It's basic and not cheap (thanks to the travel agents) but we are friends with the owners and we love it.  It is clean, great location, friendly owners and staff and everything we need in a hotel.  Nothing is too much trouble, so we have returned and returned and returned.

 From left: Hotel entrance, side view, pool view, relaxing by the pool!

 From left: Excited much?, Olive Press hotel (in a converted oil mill), view from harbour, view of harbour

From left: Molyvos by day, Molyvos by night, view from the castle, view to the Olive Press hotel by day.

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