Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Book Thief

I am in 2 minds when it comes to films of books I have read.  I find that if I have read the book first then the film never lives up to the written word and if I see a film first I sometimes prefer the film to the book.  There are few exceptions where I feel that both are of equal value, or I prefer the 2nd medium to whichever I saw/read 1st.

For example I first read "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" and although it isn't one of my top 10 books ever, I did enjoy reading the book and I loved the characterisations.  I then ignored the film for a long time.  Indeed the only reason I saw the film was that the author was giving a reading of his latest book and then CCM was being shown in a little theatre/cinema in Bradford.  So my Dad (who loved the book), my Mum (who I think still hasn't read it - Mum?) and I, bought tickets and with anticipation went to see the film.  Oh, how I regretted that decision.  Why adapt a book (due to it's popularity) and then change it?  A character dies, oh look not in the film.

On Friday, L and I, went to see "The Book Thief".  Now I only considered going for 3 reasons.  1) I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema, 2) I read the book over 2 years ago so I figured that I wouldn't remember all the finer details and 3) to spend some time with L.    Well, I absolutely loved the film.  LOVED IT.  I had seen a review on "Film 2014" where they liked it but said it had been sanitised to allow children to watch it.  Well, I disagree I don't think it's been "cleaned" up.  The scenes of Kristallnacht were uncomfortable viewing and life during wartime was indeed hard.  The film has a good moving plot and the actress playing the little girl, Liesel is worth the price of the cinema ticket alone.  I suspect she has a big future ahead of her.   Don't watch it for a piece of fluff it is emotional viewing, but well worth it.

PS That's why I will NEVER watch "My Sister's Keeper".  I LOVE this book, the film changes the story - not just in a minor way but with a MAJOR twist (or not) and spoils the entire plot of the book.  WHY????

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