Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy as a dog in muck!!!

But am I referring to me or Anni????????  (Or even, at a push, hubby!).

I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and spent some time with Anni, who didn't want me to go back to bed!!!!!

Today, we have all been out in the front garden.  It were lovely.  Not sunny, but it wasn't cold.  Oh, it feels so good not to be cold all the time.  

Even Hubby managed a smile.  Even though he'd spent the morning at work, he managed to help in the garden.  So his helping was mainly sitting and directing but it was nice he had a little more energy to do so.  Energy has been sorely lacking in our lives so far this year.........

We only have a small garden at the front of the house and a yard at the back and we are desperate for a real garden but we love what we have.  We haven't kept up to it for the last year or two but we are determined to change that this year.  Anni was especially brave this afternoon.  Well for her!!!!!!  She happily sat and watched the world go by, people were another matter but the world was not so scary after all....... (she usually hides between/under your knees).


First signs of Spring were finally spotted too.  I love colour in my garden, Hubby prefers green - yuck.

Am I sad to love my watering can?

Can never have too much pink!


 From left:  Magnolia, first ladybird of the season, Our "Camilla".

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