Thursday, 6 March 2014

Double Fed Up

God, I am fed up today.  My Hubby is still off sick but mentally he is raring to get back to work.  Sadly we are not 100% convinced that his body is at the same stage.  Now, we think he can drive to work and back and we think he can return to his job, but we are not as convinced that he can do both on the same day!!!!  So when we were advised to contact a Government scheme called "Access to Work" to ask about help with taxi fares our hearts soared.  Oh yes, something to help us for a couple of weeks whilst he gets his strength back up.

So far it's taken 3 weeks to get them to actually ring us back with information, despite promises of 7 days, 2 days etc etc.  Imagine my frustration when it's taken them 3 weeks to tell us that we are entitled to 25p a mile.  Sadly the taxi firms want £17 each way so how are we meant to reconcile the two????

So does Hubby stay on sick until we are sure he will be ok, does he risk going back to work but being unable to drive home, go back to work and push himself too much so he is back on the sick.  Maybe he should give up work entirely and live on the social??

In these days when we are shown people on the TV taking advantage of the system, was isn't the system set up in such a way to help those in short term need to stay in a job they love.

So Mr Cameron, although I admit you may be doing an equally bad job as the next man you won't get my vote (not that you ever did) at the next elections.

To make matters worse, I am in the midst of de-cluttering the attic so I can start on the rest of the house so we can try and sell and buy a bungalow.  It never rains but it pours!!!!

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