Sunday, 30 March 2014

Making me Happy this week

Would you be surprised to learn I don't have many (if any) photos this week?????

1) Hubby made it back to work for 2 half days this week - whoop.

2) Returning a lost dog to her owner.  We were walking Anni on Saturday when a yellow Lab came up to say hello.  She has a small cut on her nose and was very happy to see us.  I tried ringing the number of her collar but no answer.  Thankfully as we were trying to see if she'd follow us her owner found her.   She was with us a good 20 minutes.  We asked so many dog walkers if they knew her that people were searching for her lost owner all through the woods.

3) Mother's Day Cards.  I thought I'd mix sewing and card making this year.

4) Finishing my dish cloth and although there were one or two small mistakes it actually looks like the pattern tells me it should!!!!!

5) A cuddle with Anni B.  She isn't allowed on the sofa usually so she love it when a big blanket comes out and comes up for a cuddle.  She hasn't been a touchy feely puppy but as she grown she likes a little more contact.  Still not as much as Patch did (she loved to be with you at all times) but she's changing as she grows.  After all Anni B is now 2!!!  Happy Birthday Anni.

PS Anni B is short for Anni Bannani.  When we first got her she was going to be Mabli.  Then she became Anni as she was our 15th wedding anniversary present to each other.  Then she was just so cute that I started calling her Anni Bannani which shortened into Anni B - well have you gone to the vets with an Anni Bannani?????

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