Friday, 28 February 2014

Oscar Weekend & lunch with friends

It's Oscar weekend this weekend and I have realised that I am lacking in my film watching of late (and looking at the list of films, I have quite a few to catch up on.  I suspect this task is going to take me a while to complete so I have made a new tab to keep up to date as I watch films.

I had a lovely lunch at my friend G's today.  C, G and I try and meet up once a month for lunch and to catch up.  We take it in turns to cook and host lunch.  I like going to G's.  At the end of the bus route, I have a 20 min walk, but on the way home, I get the walk out of the way first and the bus drops me off across the road from my house - I prefer the journey back!!!!!!  The only issue I have is that we all live about an hour away from each other so it never feels like we have long enough to catch up properly.

Today we had a gorgeous noodle dish and a custard shortbread cake - I do love a good cake.  Thanks G, I had a lovely day and sorry I had to blow my nose so much......  am hoping it won't be too red tomorrow.

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