Sunday, 16 February 2014

Things making me HAPPY this week

What a week.  I hope that you have not been bothered by the horrendous weather we've been having.  To be fair, the only thing I have been bothered with, apart from the cold is the gusting wind.  I hate the noise of the wind and to be in it yesterday being blown through the village - such fun.....  I haven't many photos this week as we've had so many hospital appointments and I didn't think it was wise to take the camera with me!!

Making me happy this week;

1) Well I haven't mentioned Anni B so much recently.  She is so gorgeous (and she knows it).  But she makes me happy.

2)  New bed.  Very happy with her new bed.  I looked for ages on the Internet and I could either have a n ugly,cheap bed or a REALLY expensive, pretty bed.  Erm,  I don't want an ugly bed in my living room but we all knows she'll eventually chew it so I am not buying her a really expensive one either.  Finally found an acceptable bed and at a good price too.  Arrived in 3 days.  She loves it - phew.

3) Flowers from Hubby.  Lovely.  Not something he normally does so a fab surprise.

4) Physio.  Hubby finally had physio on the knee he dislocated before Christmas.  Hoping that next week will be his last week off of work.  His MS seems to be settling and his knee seems to be getting stronger.  We also have to strengthen his ankle so he stops twisting it and we might be there.

5) Winter Olympics.  I am loving watching the TV.  Helps that I love snow.

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