Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Colours and a bad dog!!!!

How do you choose which colour to add to your knitting?  Do you plan your colours before you start and then know which colour follows which colour?

I think I may be weird. I don't do that.  I pull out a selection of colours and pick one and start knitting.  I then listen to what my knitting is telling me.  Yup, it tells me which colour to choose next.  No planning, no lists of order, I knit and it speaks.  See, told you I was odd.

So I've started knitting a little blanket for my flight to New York.  It started like this,

My lap blanket - beginning

I treat myself to 3 new balls of wool (the first 2 purples on the photo above). discarded the 3rd ball (too pink) and just took a few balls from my stash which I started to knit with.  I love the silvery grey colour.  Loved it so far.  Then I added the brighter pink, not so sure about it now (indeed I went to bed and slept on it before I added it).

What colour would you have added next ?  (I may surprise you with my next choice).  Am I mad?  Wise?


What do you think - would you have added blue?  So I loved it again, now not so much.  I am not worried though.  I was like this with the blanket I made Hubby.  It told me what to add (the odd colour out on his was red) and I listened.  By the end of it I loved it.  So I knit on in the knowledge (fingers crossed) that I will love it by the end.  It won't be too pink and I won't feel a twit using it in public.

My blanket - a bit bigger

I did feel a little odd waiting for Hubby at the hospital today as I stood in a corner knitting!!!!

So why is Anni is the bad books?  Not sure what she will sleep on tonight..............  the stuffing was EVERYWHERE.

Anni's ex bed!

Not that you would know she was in the bad books -

I prefer this bed!!!!

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