Sunday, 9 February 2014

Things making me HAPPY this week

Hello.  Another week done and dusted and with hubby's health slowly getting better, the world feels a better place.  It helps that I have done more than look after him and walk the dog this week.

1) Jenny Jones getting a Bronze medal this morning.  You go girl.

2) Starting a new blanket.  I get cold on flights so thought I'd knit a little blanket to keep my warm on the flight home from NYC.  I love knitting stripes.

3) Catching the train to meet my friend S.  Why can't people clear up after themselves?  Grrrr.

4) Blue Skies.  A joy to feel the sun on my face - and the buildings aren't too shabby either.  I love old buildings.

5) My first Internet shop from Morrisons.  I will be using them again, thank you very much.

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