Saturday, 1 February 2014


Final part of hubby's 40th birthday last night.  Phew.  But boy was he spoilt by our families and he still has the grin to show for it.

Meal at a lovely little local pub.  12 of us.  The bit I hate about so many people coming out to celebrate is that if you are unlucky enough to be on the end of the table you don't get to talk to everyone.  We were on the end, always feels like we haven't made the effort we should have.

Thanks for joining us everyone.

D was spoilt, money for New York (so jealous of that one), bottles of this, that and the other, wallet, CD, new coat, i-tunes voucher, cakes, and his favourite present.............

An original Wendy Hall portrait,

Our Anni.  We are lucky.  And I'm not yet 40!!!!!!


  1. Glad you all had a good night out Sally. Sounds like D had a good birthday. So glad he like his Picture of Anni. She looks such a lovely dog. I love pets!!! We have 2 Jack Russells, Coni & Lucky........
    Keep in touch wont you, Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy, We've had so many comments on your picture of Anni. I'm hoping D may surprise me one day with a request of a picture of our first dog Patch - maybe he'll read this message.................