Friday, 6 March 2015


Do you take selfies?  I have had to try and get used to taking them as H, although he has longer arms, can't feel the button enough to press it.  It takes many goes to get the angle right, especially since he is usually sat down and I am stood up.  I am getting it down to about 3 bad ones before we get one that we are both happy with, and more importantly both are on.

Last week, I met my friend A.  We don't meet very often, but we do have a real good catch up when we do.  However, we don't think to take a photo until we've had a glass or two.  The photo below is attempt number 2 on my phone (I have no idea how many we tried on her phone first!)

and the best attempt  I have???

Well at least we are both on it!


  1. Hi Amy, I think the muted lighting helps when you've had a glass or 2!