Tuesday, 10 March 2015


My Mum and I had a lovely day out today.  We can catch the same bus (from different stops) and easily pop into Huddersfield. I do like Huddersfield, I love the old buildings and the little shops.

I have been meaning to visit a shopping arcade for months, in fact if I am honest, probably years.
On the way into town, I think I must pop in for a nosey, then on the bus home, I think, bugger I didn't go in. Today, as soon as we got off the bus, I dragged my Mum to the arcade.  I do owe her an apology as I was certain I had been there before with her (about 10 years ago), but I think I may have gone with H!

Can you see the coloured shapes hanging from the ceiling (photo taken from 2nd floor)? Can you tell what they are?

There must be hundreds of them.  The colours hit you as you walk in.

Little origami birds or every colour imaginable hanging there softly swaying in the breeze.

Looking up there is a gorgeous glass ceiling.  I can't wait to go back when the weather has warmed up and we can see it in all it's glory.

The arcade contains various shops including a lovely little handmade emporium crafty praxis, a wool shop (2nd floor), tattoo parlour (2nd floor) and a lovely looking little cafe - next time I hope to start there with a hot chocolate.

After lunch, I happened to glance up - just look at that gorgeous sky.  I finally believe Spring is just around the corner and it will warm up soon.  Hooray.

Have you discovered anywhere new recently?

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