Friday, 27 March 2015

and breathe

We tried and tried and tried and have had to admit defeat.  I haven't been up to blogging this week, just too tired to think straight.  If you are squeamish, don't read on - I have done my best to be general and not give details :-)

H had his medication changed for his MS a few weeks ago.  The new medication was meant to give him a 50% improvement in his life and it meant no more injections so he was eager to do it.  All was going well until day 14 when it all started to go horrendously wrong.  He came home from work early with "side effects" (much nicer than reality).  These "side effects" were joined with sickness which happened every time he ate.  When he was tired, his legs stopped working so he had to sleep on the floor for a few hours until he had enough energy to help me get him up.  I did not sleep for 2 nights.  He kept going until Thursday morning.

Eventually we spoke to the MS Nurse (who is a god send) and with the specialists agreement it has been decided that he is better going back onto the injections.  Apparently he is the only one so far who can't tolerate the new medications -he always was awkward.

Then on Thursday night Anni started to limp rather badly. I was so worried.  Then suspicious.  We couldn't agree which leg she was limping on - until we discovered that she forgot to do it if no was was watching or if she had food or toys in front of her.  The little Grrrrrr had decided that she didn't like H getting all the attention so was putting it on.

So this week I have discovered that my needs are below H's and the dogs.....................  what have you discovered this week???????

Want to know a little more about how MS effects your energy levels?  There is a great explanation here  The Spoon Theory

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