Monday, 2 March 2015

Menu Planning Monday

I have a newly stocked freezer - well mostly and a new spring in my step for menu planning.  I can do anything except toast, as the toaster had flames coming out of it on Saturday.  It was pretty impressive I have to say.

Monday:- Bacon & Cheese Pasta Bake
Tuesday :- I can't think of anything - will keep an eye out when out and about tomorrow!
Wednesday :- Pie!!  Homemade & to be decided (H always wants pie - I may surprise him and make apple!!!!)
Thursday :- Pizza Pitas and chips
Friday :- Chicken Curry
Saturday :- Surprise
Sunday :- Left overs

I have definitely decided that I want to leave Saturdays as free choice.  Then if we want to we can takeaway, or I can decided on the day what to have.  I didn't like not having any free choice within the week.

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