Monday, 9 March 2015

Menu Panning Monday

I've really struggled this week to come up with the menu.  I think I am getting stuck with the same things time after time.  I also made the mistake of putting in a Morrison's online shop without planning my menu.  Lesson learnt - menu first then shop!

Monday:- Mince and Mashed Potato (I've been trying to make this for H for 18 years - his Mum made this all the time.  Tonight I finally got it right!)

Tuesday:-  Pizza Pita with Salad - I'm making these weekly at the moment but we both love them.

Wednesday:- Cheesy Jackets with Salad - I am hoping that we are finally out of winter and Salads will be on the menu more often.

Thursday:- Fish & Chips - from the freezer- think will make my own fish bites soon.

Friday:-  A friend for lunch, so unsure of tea yet.

Sat:- Chicken Curry - H's request for the week.

Sunday:- Mother's Day - so a roast and all the trimmings for H's Mum and Dad.  Mine are coming down at the end of the month so I will make something special then.

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  1. I'm having tuna jacket with salad tonight, Mick and Eleanor will have cheese with theirs but seeing as I'm trying to eat healthier, I'll give the cheese a miss. Can you see my halo gleaming?

  2. I can from all the way over here!!!

  3. Looks tasty, have a great week :) xx