Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brick Lane

I have had the book "Brick Lane" for many years now and it has stayed on my bookshelf looking at me ever since.  In fact I'd say I may have had it for nearly 10 years (it was published in 2003).

I am enjoying it, but I find it slow going.  If I love a book I can devour it in one sitting and I have been reading this for over a week now and when I pick it up it's ok - I just don't keep picking it up.  I find this weird, as I do love to read.  I hate when it feels like a book has beaten me - cause I don't just love it.  If I am being honest, I am already skimming it so I can feel like I have read it, without spending the rest of my life trying to get through it!

Have you read it?

What is your favourite read recently?

PS I have started my pile of books to take on holiday.  When we book a holiday I start to hit the charity shops to choose books to take with me.  As we are largely inactive due to H's MS, I lie by the pool with a good book each day.  Then when he has a siesta, I read more of the book.  I have been known to read up to 20 books in 2 weeks.  This year, I have 8 put aside and I hope it'll be enough.  (I also plan to crochet.)  My Mum is already planning on borrowing some before we go - she hates to miss out!!!   Hopefully I'll have time at the airport to buy 2 more - I don't often buy new books so it feels a real treat to do so at the airport.  

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