Sunday, 1 February 2015

Making me GRATEFUL this week

I thought I'd do something slightly different this week.  I can't say that things have made me happy as I have felt so unwell that some days all I could do was get through each day and be grateful I could still breathe.  Indeed I slept on the sofa one night so H could sleep, the radiator in the spare bedroom is not working, so I wasn't sleeping in there!!!!!!!

So this week I am grateful for;

H- he actually went food shopping.  Ok he went junk food shopping but it's a huge achievement for him and I was so proud of him for managing his first shop in his wheelchair.

H - thank you for allowing yourself to have another Birthday, since I was too ill to spoil you for the real one.  Card and cake will follow, along with a steak dinner.  As soon as I can stand up long enough to cook and bake - you'll get them.  Oh, I have to shop for your missing presents too - la, la, la

Mum and Dad - despite them being ill too (in fact, I suspect one of them gave it to me) they did a food shop for me yesterday.  So we could eat.

Anni - Despite not being a cuddly dog, for 2 days, she stayed by my side and didn't muff.  H suspects it's the new duvet she likes but I was just grateful she let me be ill and didn't need too much attention when I didn't have it to give.  She didn't get a walk for 4 days and must have been desperate to go out for a run but she was happy to cuddle.

Also thank you to everyone who has asked how I am.  As long as I don't move, I don't cough and all is ok :-)  Plans for the coming week have been cancelled so I can recover some more.

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