Wednesday, 4 February 2015



I love reading - FACT.  Since the Summer of 2012 I have been keeping a diary of the books I've read.   In 2013 I read 64 books over the year.  Last year I only read 56.  This year I am on my 3rd book.  3, yes 3, at this rate by next year I won't be reading anything.  Not impressed with myself at all.  Talk about getting twitchy about my reading!!!!!!!

Have you read anything fabulous lately that may get me back on track.

This year I have read;

I was a little disappointed with "The Last Anniversary".  I have read other Liane Moriarty books which I loved, so I am unsure whether some of my disappointment is that I didn't love this one.  I'd recommend "The Husband's Secret" over this one.

This was a Christmas present from my s-i-l.  Again, I thought this was ok.  It's split between 2 different time zones and I don't usually like books set over different periods - it tends to confuse me!!!!

I am currently reading the book above.  It's mostly set in Sheffield and I am really enjoying it.  I should probably be finished with it tonight so I can chose another book.  I am doing my best not to buy anymore books (I love books!) until I get rid of some.  The way I figure it is if I get rid of books as I read them, then there will be less to pack up when we finally get the house on the market.


  1. I used to try to read fifty books a year until i had my children, and then I was lucky if I read two or three! Sixty four in one year is impressive! x

  2. Only problem is I get competitive with myself so it feels like a failure that I read less last year. I did however learn to crochet so I spent a lot of time in the latter part of the year making. I must try and find a balance this year.

  3. How many? Wow! I've challenged myself to read one a month, lol. I've started reading all the Agatha Christie books in chronological order, I'm on my second one now, in between reading other things.

  4. I tend to read loads on holiday. With H not being able to explore much we do spend a lot of time around the pool. I am thinking of making Granny Squares this year so my numbers may be really low. My bus journey into Leeds takes over an hour too so I can usually tell if I've been in a lot by the number of books I have gotten through.