Friday, 6 February 2015

Help Needed

hello, don't worry nothing bad has happened!  This year, we have finally booked a holiday to Menorca.  Now this may seem to be an easy thing to do - oh, no.......  H know needs a wheelie to do most distances and we have been to many unsuitable places.  You ask for a ground floor room to arrive and discover it's actually up 7 steps.  You book a flat resort, to find one steep hill between you and the beach (&restaurants, bars etc).  You ask for another ground floor room and it's down a steep hill or down a rickety staircase - argh.  I find it all so stressful.  The holiday companies don't usually care either which I find really odd.  I mean, if you are dealing with a couple with a wheelchair you'd think they would want to ensure the hotel is suitable, at least I would if I was booking holidays for other people.  I don't think I am odd.

Anyway, this year we have used Thomson and so far I am pretty happy with the service we have received.  Not only did they check that the hotel was suitable (though they couldn't guarantee an accessible room- which thankfully we don't quite need yet), but they have also already booked our seats on the airplane so we know H will be close to the loo.  It's the little things that help when you have so many issues that need to be thought about.

The help I need is that I am now addicted to crochet so need to take a project with me.  BUT although I think I will make oodles of granny squares, I can't think of what colours to use or how many I'll need.  My fav yarn is Stylecraft special - any suggestions?  have you made anything lovely you can show me?

PS I have months to sort it, but when the urge to get a project going hits you need to buy yarn!!!!

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