Monday, 2 February 2015

Menu Planning Monday

I never thought that I would happily think about menu planning for the week and want to keep it up week after week but I can honestly say that this has really appealed to me and I love everything that planning has allowed me to.  My food budget has been slashed, waste is very little and it actually makes me much happier.

Monday :- Bacon and Tomato Pasta with garlic flatbread

Tuesday :- Fish and chips

Wednesday :- Sausages and mash

Thursday :- tba

Friday : - Steak Birthday night Mk 2.

Saturday :- Stew/Lasagna

Sunday : - Leftovers

Last nights tea was frozen pizza followed by ice cream covered in Haribo.  The first food I have been able to taste in a week, it was lush.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been so ill, it really knocks you for six when you get something so bad so make sure you recover properly before rushing around doing more than you should otherwise you'll be back to square one. Glad that Anni behaved herself for you, I think they can tune in and understand when you're not up to walkies, bless her for letting you rest. I like the sound of your bacon and tomato pasta. We had pasta bolognese a couple of weeks ago but that's the first time we've had pasta for a while, we seem to go in fits and starts, eating it a lot and then getting fed up of it.

  2. I love pasta but H is more of a pie and mash man so we don't eat it very often. To be fair, I don't let him have pie often either :-)