Sunday, 22 February 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Sunday again.  Whoop.  I am getting on a roll (ok, so it is late and I nearly forgot! & no photos).

Making me happy this week;

1) Finishing and sending 2 scarves to H's friends across the pond.  I really enjoyed choosing the yarn and crocheting away.  I didn't enjoy the cost of the postage - it does shock me that it costs so much.  You'd think I'd learn!!

2) Walking Anni B in the woods.  They were filled with families enjoying themselves but Anni did so well, not one Grrrrr.

3) Finishing 2 baby blankets for little M's birthday.  I am meeting S (her Mum) tomorrow so can pass them on then.  Really happy with them, not so keen on the Flutterby yarn but it is oh so soft.

4) Meeting up with my friend J for lunch.  We NEVER actually met up on our first go - something ALWAYS comes up and we have to re-arrange, and re-arrange.  We made it on our 2nd go this time and it was lovely to catch up.  I find it so hard keeping up with everyone since I left work.

5) De-frosting the freezer.  We have been trying to eat the freezer up since November.  I am so looking forward to refilling it at the farm shop this coming week.

I have struggled with my anxiety levels this week but I took each day as it came and I got through the other side so I am very happy with that too.  Go me.


  1. It sounds like you're on a roll with your crochet, two scarves and two blankets. I can't believe how expensive postage is these days, it seems to have gone up every time I go to buy stamps or post something.

  2. I know. A friends sends loads of things through the post as she makes handbags and so knows how much things costs. It's amazing how many times she is quoted a price and when she queries it, finds a cheaper way to send it. I never think to check and just accept the given price.

  3. There is something so satisfying about cleaning out and defrosting the freezer, isn't there? It's on my to do list this week, was supposed to be today, but time has run away with me again ...!

    1. It took over 24 hours, I was cursing by the end of it!! All done now and started to be refilled.