Monday, 9 February 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello, Happy Sunday.  What have you been up to this week?  I hope something has made you smile each day.

This week I have still been recovering from my cough and cold.  Wow, it's really taken it out of me, even yesterday when I was walking Anni with the parents, the final hill nearly did me in!!!

So making me happy this week:

1) FINALLY feeling human again.  I may be more tired than usual but at least I am not coughing up a lung and I can breathe again.

2)  Baking.  A blueberry loaf cake.  I was hopeful that the blueberries would stay throughout the cake, but they have sunk to the bottom - ah well, still tastes good :-)

3) Booking a holiday to Menorca - sooooo excited.  I went from thinking we'd never find anywhere suitable to booking in 48 hours flat.  Mind, Thomas Cook keep emailing me money off now.  Sorry TC you should have better facilities for travellers with limitations (raspberry being blown as I type!)

4) A loooooong soak in a bubble bath this morning (the first one in weeks when I haven't had to get out to cough).  Don't worry no photos!!!! :-)  You can't beat bubbles and a good book can you?

5) Finally spoiling H for his Birthday (over a week late).  On the actual day he had a carrier bag thrust at him as I tried not to cough on him (there wasn't even a card).  I think he had crisps for his Birthday tea!!!!!  So he had another day yesterday.  He got more presents, a steak dinner and lots of attention.  I hope he doesn't expect it every year :-)


  1. Glad that you are feeling better, I hope that your holiday will be wonderful! xx

    1. I am so excited. It does stress me out finding a holiday which is suitable with a wheelchair. You pay so much money and then when you get there and it's difficult for H to access things does disappoint me. I have high hopes for Menorca.

  2. Glad you're feeling better and that you finally got to spoil H. I wouldn't mind having two birthdays a year, just so long as I didn't age twice as quickly. It's supposed to stop blueberries sinking to the bottom if you toss them in flour before adding them to the cake mixture, not sure if it works as I've only baked blueberry muffins, never a cake. We went to Menorca a lot of years ago, let me see, it was 2000, wow, fifteen years ago. Eleanor must have been just under or just over two and she got chicken pox while we were there. We were worried about Daniel getting it and them not letting us fly home. He did end up getting it but his spots didn't come out until the day after we got home so we were ok.

    1. My Mum said that i needed to wash them twice and then cover in flour and that should work too. I must give it a go next time I use them. I'm not sure about this 2 birthday malarky - it cost me a small fortune :-) Still thankfully it put a smile on his face and I felt so bad that I couldn't give him much attention on the actual day.