Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Ok I admit it.  I am officially old.  If you are older than me (not thinking of anyone in particular N before you ask!) then you may not agree but heh ho :-)  I used to love Winter - absolutely adored it.  Couldn't have too much snow, chill in the air - bliss.  This year for the first year ever, I've had enough - don't get me wrong I'd happily have snow if H was more able to walk in it!!!  Have you tried pushing a wheelchair through snow???  Me neither, but I tried it through sand and that nearly killed me.  I am so sick and tired and being cold.  How many layers can you wear without looking like the Michelin Man - don't answer that one.

Yesterday we went to a farm shop to re-stock the freezer.  I only realised last year how great this farm shop is - I so wish it delivered as I'd get a monthly order.  As it is I try and get enough to last for 2 months or more every time I visit.

The Farm shop is located in the highest point of Bradford and usually has fantastic views down the valley of the entire city.  Yesterday it was covered in clouds so no views to be had.

We walked round the farm shop and as we came to pay discovered that it was hailing - diagonally! Even my Dad was hiding in the entrance to the shop to avoid going out in it (apparently his shoes were slippy :-) )

Can you see the white stuff?  That is sleet that came from nowhere.  It was blowing so hard that you couldn't keep your eyes open and had to push the trolley sideways to get it to move.

Look how moody that sky looks.  It's making me feel colder just looking at it.

I do like the pattern on the window though.  I can appreciate it looks pretty - now my fingers have de-frosted!!!!!  Gosh, it was so cold.