Monday, 23 February 2015

Menu Planning Monday

This is a funny one this week.  The freezer is newly defrosted and I have no food in it yet.  So I have absolutely no idea what I am going to make this week...........

Monday :- Chicken Fried Rice
Tuesday :- Sausage & Mash & Veggies
Wednesday :- Homemade Fish cakes
Thursday :- Veggie Pasta
Friday :-  I may be out, not sure yet
Saturday :- Surprise
Sunday :- Fry up  - H's choice

Of course, this is pretty flexible as I haven't gone shopping yet :-)

Oh and linking up with Mrs M.


  1. It is funny how meals go when you are in the process of clearing out the freezer and then restocking isn't it!

    1. Hi Amy, I feel much better now I've just been to the Farm shop. I also have a lot more ideas of what to make so hopefully next week will be a lot more interesting.