Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Menu Planning Monday

This was ready to go yesterday but then I came down with the lurgy so it did not get posted.

Monday :- Jacket Pot, cheese and salad

Tuesday :-Sausages and mash

Wednesday :- Fish -

Thursday :-  Veggie Pasta

Friday :- Steak, chips and Onion rings (Birthday tea for H)

Saturday :- Lasagna, Birthday Cake (Birthday tea number 2 for H)

Sunday :- Left Overs

Edited:  It's Tuesday now and I have no idea what we will have for tea as I am currently laid on the sofa under a duvet with the dog curled up next to me feeling very coughy (yes, that is a word!).  I suspect H will order a takeaway.


  1. What a shame to feel horible! It's really not nice to have to cook when you don't feel good. Hope you're better soon x

    1. We went totally off plan this week. I went downhill on Monday night and managed to shove a frozen pie and chips into the oven yesterday. H has eaten a lot of crisps and takeaways this week - killed my budget!!! :-)