Sunday, 18 January 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Making me happy this week;

1)  Hubby getting into car and driving it to work.  He wasn't too scared after all - Whoopee.  So proud of him.

2) Snow at the weekend.  I love snow, but I worry about Hubby driving.  If he gets stuck in it, it's not as though he can walk to safety.  So on a weekend it's a win-win.  I get snow and he stays at home.  I do love snow - doubt I'll ever grow out of it.

3) Working in the LYS.  I do enjoy it and love knowing I am helping someone out who needs a hand.

It's been a long week without much heating and dealing with car sorting.  Am hoping that this week will be a lot better (and will have photos!).

PS Still no working boiler - driving me crazy.  Fingers crossed for this week.

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