Thursday, 1 January 2015

It's 2015

It's been a great start to the New Year today, though I didn't think that as I was whizzing round with the hoover and making lunch for the in-laws this morning :-)

It turned into a lovely lunch so that makes it all better.  I even made a stew - now for those who don't know me you will read that with a puzzled expression but I don't enjoy cooking so tend to the same things over and over and over..........  today I made stew, I think it's only the 2nd time I have ever made it and H gave it the thumbs up so I guess I'll be expected to make it again now :-)

Good news too Anni didn't Grrr at H's parents.  Now that's a first, she even took a biscuit from them and then hid in her bed.  Then when they had gone home she fancied a cuddle on the sofa - first time I've been warm in days :-)


  1. Stew is great on a cold winters day, but I don't make it much because the lads won't eat it! I'm glad Anni was well behaved, too!