Sunday, 4 January 2015

My favourite gift ever

Did you all enjoy Christmas?  Ours was quiet & healthy so I am more than happy. After the disasters of the previous 2 years I was not expecting much to be honest.  I am so thankful that the curse has been broken and maybe next year I will re-find my Christmas spirit which was sorely lacking in the lead up to Christmas this year.

Do you remember the present I gave H for his 40th last Jan?

Anni B the first week we got her.  She carried that towel round for weeks - now she's substituted it for a little rabbit from Ikea (we are on version 7 or 8 now, and only have 1 spare - anyone going to Ikea????).  You know when she is happy when she carries the Babbit round and huffs at you :-)

Anyway, I have been dropping hints like a crazy woman that wouldn't it be nice if I had a picture of my first dog Patch.  Then weeks before Christmas H casually asks me for the name of the lady who drew Anni (this despite me leaving her cards EVERYWHERE near where he sits.....).  So it got my hopes up.

Christmas Day arrives and all the presents are given out and there is no picture.  He says Merry Christmas, I say where is my last present.  (How spoilt do I sound???????)  He says you've got them all, I reply No, I haven't (I was thinking, please have asked me for Wendy Halls' name for a reason).

Seriously, he'd looked in his present bag and thought it was empty.  I was not impressed.  I told him to have another look and he "found" another present.  He was being serious, he'd forgotten the most important gift.  (That's a bad sign of MS, his forgets a lot of things).

Want to see it?  Meet Patch.

I cried for a good 5 minutes when I opened her.  This picture is not just a dog, it captures Patch to a T.  I keep staring at it thinking she's about to turn round to look at me.  She is so realistic and I think it's the best present I have ever had (excluding Anni B obviously!)  

Thank you WH.  You rock.


  1. So glad that I have made you happy Sally. She must have been a very special pet, infact she looked so lovable , all wrapped up. She had a lovely aura around her photo. Thanks for letting me know that you liked the picture also. Its nice to have feedback.