Friday, 23 January 2015

Playing in the snow

I love the snow, did you know that?  Did you know that the scaredy cat which is Anni also loves snow.....  well she is never so sure to start with, especially when it dares to fall on her.... how dare it....  but when she's off lead and is allowed to play she goes absolutely mental and charges all over the place.  We had plenty of snow on Wednesday and it was a real pleasure taking her for a walk.

C'mon chase me
Think I love snow now.

 In the last photo she'd spotted 2 people getting off of the bus and she was convinced they were my parents, so off she charged to say hello (Mum she was sooooo disappointed it wasn't you!).

Dave thinks the final shot was some weird attempt to capture footprints -not that the dog was having so much fun, she was off.  She's just about in the photo!!!!!!!


  1. Awwww, bless her. The snow tends to stick to Archie's fur so he comes home covered in snowballs.

    1. Oh poor Archie. At least Anni is further from the snow!