Sunday, 11 January 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Ooh it's a toughy this week.  There have been highlights but there has also been low lights and yesterday I was completely fed up.   Can I please have some more highlights this week without the downers - talk about being tested.

My good things for this week:

1) Helping in the wool shop yesterday morning.  The reason I was helping isn't so great, but all was sorted and it feels good to be helping out someone in need.  I am also working tomorrow and I am hoping it's helping C's life a little easier.

2) Dad was 70 this week.  I think he was very happy with the bottle of something special we gave him.  Mum's birthday was yesterday (I have a zillion January birthdays).  To celebrate my brother, girlfriend, Mum, Dad, H and I went for a drink and then a meal at a fab Turkish restaurant.  There is just one large step to get in and they put a ramp down and help push H up the ramp (it's pretty steep).  There was a 70 balloon - which neither Mum nor Dad saw!!!!!, good company and fab food.  It even tried to snow whilst we were out.

With Dad
H and I

Mum & Dad

Bro and G/F - taken in the pub, a converted chapel.

3) Cake making- it didn't make me smile yesterday let me tell you, but it made my Dad smile and he started stealing the licorice allsorts straight away.

It was meant to be 2 layers of pink at the top and then 2 layers of red on the bottom but I failed big time with the red!!!  I also didn't buy enough of the vanilla topping as I thought too much would make it sickly, which I maintain it would be sickly, however, I didn't have enough to make the cake pretty........  still it tasted nice (topping excluded).

4) Finishing the blanket for my s-i-l.  So happy to be finished with this - start making one for myself tomorrow.  Whoop.  So excited.

5)  New boiler parts- who would have thought that would be a cause for celebration!!!!!  Sadly the heating does not seem to be working so well yet.  I am hoping it's just taking time to warm up but I have a feeling something is not well with it all - ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Still I am thankful for the heaters Dad found and brought down (apparently Mum's idea- before she moans!!!).

Not making me happy this week?????

H was not hurt thankfully but is unsure about driving again - hopefully he'll change his mind.  He's had to miss 2 days of work (so far) whilst we sort out another car.  We'll see if he'll drive it when it gets sorted out.


  1. Not noticing balloons?? Who'd have thought it ;) Ouch, car looks worse than described :( Thankful H wasn't hurt and hope he's back driving soon xx

  2. Yup, who'd not notice balloons YorkshireRunner Girl - am sure you would never do the same......... Oh hang on a minute!!!! Still waiting to see if they are repairing car or not - Grrrrrrr.

  3. Ooh! I'm glad H was ok after that! I hope he does get back in the driving seat again, and not get put off.
    what a lovely load of celebrating you did! The restaurant looks really interesting. Where was it?

    1. He went for a short drive today and is planning on more tomorrow. BUT because he drives an automatic with hand controls it's not so easy to get a new car. They've given us the longest, widest car ever (this may not be true!), we couldn't even work out how to move the wing mirrors today!, as it's the only one they have which is an automatic. On top of that it's a different hand control system so there is a lot to learn. He was great on the main roads but very aware of it being a bigger car when we were squeezing past parked cars on the side roads. Hopefully he'll feel even more confident tomorrow. Bless him he seems so unfazed. The restaurant is called Meze and is based in Brighouse (between Bradford and Huddersfield). I can recommend it.