Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ooh something new to play with

I follow/read a lot of blogs.  I really need to stop but it is so addictive.  I have been so jealous of seeing people's photo collages on their end of year posts and it's been really bugging me that I had no idea how to do the same.  Well today I finally figured it out - WOOHOO.

Thanks heavens for Pic Monkey . I think I love you.

My 2 collages so far (I am a little slow working it all out)

Hello from my family and friends making me happy this past year.  You know who you are!

Molyvos, where Dave and I found our "other" home.  We love this place, A LOT.  As the plane lands we actually feel we have arrived home and we are so sad when we have to get the plane back to England.  If I ever win big on the lottery we are off here and maybe never coming back!!!

Oh I like the photo editing too.  A photo of my Dad in case Mum missed it earlier.

Now I must get on with the washing up and not upload more photos.

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