Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wow Day !

Oh my, the sun is out.  Really.  It is shining and although cold feels lovely through the window.  Mind in about an hour it will be shining right in my eyes and then I'll be moaning :-)  It feels so good, Anni is superglued to the window enjoying it.  It feels like a long time since we had sunshine.  I know we are lucky though that we are not experiencing the bad weather in other parts of the country/world.

Exciting day today............  Anni's new dog food arrived.  This is exciting- no, really.  It means she might actually eat it.  Our dog is fussy.  She is a Lab and we have learnt that no-one has told Anni the "Lab Rules".

1. Labs eat everything - erm, not if it is dog food related.  Then it NEEDS additions of rice krispies (her current fav), tuna, gravy, mashed potato, bread, cheese, ice cream (melted), just about anything we eat.  No additions, no eating.  FACT.

2.  Labs love everyone - erm, not if you are human.  Then she'll have to look at you suspiciously and Grrrrrrr at you.  Unless you have human food.  Then she will gently take it off you, all the while looking at you like you are trying to poison her - but she will take the risk, as a favour............

She has the inbuilt foot guidance tendency though.  If she is lying on the floor a part of her body, usually her head. must be touching your foot at all times.  If I am sat on the floor, reading/crafting then she must be touching me at all times - usually lying up against my back so I can not move without disturbing her - at which point she will sigh and let me know she is not happy to be moving.  Good job we love her!

I have been crafting a little this week.  We have a lot of Birthdays coming up this month.  First card is for my Dad (already received).  I do like the simpler cards.  I look at cards with more detail and I do love them, but when I come to making my cards I still struggle to put more detail on them.  The second card is for my Mum and I don't like it as much.  She won't see this, before she opens it tomorrow so I can post the photo now!!!  It has more elements on it and I am sure she'll like it but I'd do it again if I had the chance!

Dad's card

Mum's card

Babbit trying to get Anni to eat!

I have just received my order from paper and string I love shopping on this site.  Not only do they have gorgeous stuff (I drool a little every time I log on), but you also get a sticker for every £5 you spend and when you fill a card you get sent gorgeous little craft goodies.  I'd shop anyway so happy to feel like my custom is wanted.  Your goodies always arrive wrapped in tissue and it makes shopping feel a little bit more special.

Anni checking for monsters.......

Oooh goodies
Must dash, I have making to do.

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