Sunday, 12 January 2014

Things making me HAPPY this week

Woohoo, getting there. It is still Sunday and I am remembering my thankfulness post.  If only I could keep this up all year......  still I will do best.  During my last job, I hated Sundays.  It was the day that as the day went on took me closer to having to go back to work on Monday morning.  By the time Countryfile came on (a tv programme on Sunday night), I was pretty miserable.  Now, I love Sundays.  I love lazing on the sofa with the dog, debating whether to bake and what to make for tea.  I love Sundays - FACT.

Things making me happy this week;

1) Catching up with Grey's Anatomy on tv.  We loved series 1 & 2 and then stopped.  I love catch up tv - if only NCIS season 10 was available.

2) Anni's choice of stick.  She loves sticks.  The bigger the better.

Found the perfect one.

She also walking with my Dad.  Can you find her in the shot above?  She's getting much braver when we are out and about.

3) Crafting - back to card making.

Birthday card

4) I Baked!!!! I love to Bake.  I have a thing about biscuits lately.  Do you have any favourite recipes to share?
Vanilla with chocolate chunks

5) Walking - yup you read that right.  I love taking the dog on a 2 hour round walk, in the sunshine (well it wasn't raining), with my parents.  We go through woods, Anni searches for sticks, Anni throws herself into streams and the views overlooking my suburb are amazing.  I can even do it (including the hill) without having to stop for a breather.

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