Saturday, 18 January 2014

Itchy fingers

I've not had a great time lately.  My hubby's health took a downturn on Boxing Day and it's not been a happy time since.  I have really struggled this week.  Getting tireder and tireder each day.  The highlight of my week has been walking Anni with my parents - getting out for fresh air and a chat for a couple of hours a few times a week has been a god send.  Thank you Mum and Dad.

Yesterday was  the end of a bad time and (hopefully) the start of a better time!  Yesterday was hubby's appointment at the Knee clinic.  He dislocated his knee just before Christmas and we had thought this may be playing with his MS.  Now we are not as sure.  We had thought that the appointment yesterday was to start physio on his weak knee.  BUT that would have been too easy!!!!  I ended up pushing him all over the place - thank heavens there were no hills!!!!  We saw a specialist, who because hubby's X-rays had been taken in another hospital had to have new ones taken.  Then back to the specialist, then to the plaster room for a knee brace, then to Physio to ring our local hospital to make the actual physio appointments (which we are still waiting for).  The brightness in all this was that by wearing the brace for an hour or 2 he is already steadier on his feet.  Fingers crossed that the brace and physio will get him back on track and I can stop worrying about him and have a rest!!!!  You so owe me love!!!!!!!

I even managed to find energy today to make a Cottage Pie and even I enjoyed it (I don't do pie - unless it has apples in it and is covered in custard!).

I have been having itchy fingers though.  I have been desperate to start something new.  So tonight I cast on and off I go...... I feel better already, though not too sure about the colours.  I am hoping I'll fall in love with it.

Aster (blue) and Purple.
So to see if anyone is reading this blog.  I forgot to take photos of the knitting i did for presents this Christmas.  If you received something knitted from me, can I have a photo please to add to the blog??????

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