Sunday, 5 January 2014

Things making me HAPPY this week

I actually remembered that it is Sunday today and so time for my weekly post.  I am hopeful that I will actually remember these posts now that the madness of Christmas and New Year have been and gone.  Hubby has gone back to bed, at least I think so, he left the room over an hour ago and had yet to reappear and Anni is cuddled up next to me.  She'll start snoring soon!!!!!

So what's been making me thankful this week.


I have finally finished Hubby's scarf.  He picked the wool and I did the knitting......  Just need to weave in the ends and he can wear it back to work tomorrow.


Anni got her new Babbit for Christmas and she loves it.  Go Anni.


Oh yes, Gary Barlow.  You rock!


A Girls day in Leeds.  Don't mind if we do.  Happy New Year N.


Watching the Christmas lights in Leeds.  I'll never grow too old for lights.

Something I am NOT loving.  My one Christmas tradition off of my Mum, my Chocolate Orange, is missing and I haven't eaten it.   HELP ME!

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