Sunday, 9 August 2015

Things making me HAPPY (& Day 9 Peace & Quiet)

Making me happy this week;

1)  N coming for a sleep over last night.  A few drinks, takeaway and planning an adventure or two for the future (no photos allowed!)

2)  It not raining and being a little bit sunny (at times), so walking Anni has to be planned carefully so she doesn't overheat.  She loves the river (currently little more than a stream) at the bottom of this slope - can you see my Mum & Dad down there in the bottom????  It is so quiet down there.

3) My Carers group on Facebook.  They have been lifesavers.  It seems that lots of people are struggling at that moment and that makes me sad, then someone jumps into support and that makes me happy.

4) Going out to celebrate my parent's anniversary.  I love that H and I are making more of an effort to get and about in the wheelie - it's amazing how many pavements aren't flat........

5) Eating up all my goodies so my being good-er starts tomorrow!!!!!!  Whoop.  My goal is to be a size 14 for a wedding next Summer  - there I have said it.  Now I have to try and do it.


  1. Go for it! I'm glad things are making you happy... and most pavements aren't straight, are they?

    1. It's amazing how many are on a camber (is that the right word?) My right arm has a much bigger muscle than the left as I obviously use that to control the wheelie more!