Friday, 7 August 2015

Day 7 - Looking Up

Hello,  What a fabulous day today has been.  I mean blue skies and sunshine all day - must make nearly a week of sunshine spread out over the year so far.

I popped into Huddersfield today.  I still get a shock when it costs me £4.70 to catch the bus somewhere and back.  I remember riding for pennies when I was a lass....ok so that's going back a bit.

The thing I love about living in my Northern town is how beautiful the buildings are.  I live nearest to Bradford (less said the better) but the buildings are gorgeous.  In Huddersfield today, I took the time to look at some of the buildings - not at the shop level but higher.  Could you even imagine building something like this these days???


  1. Living in Liverpool, it always pays to look up. The history of the city is writ large on the buildings. I know some are controversial enough to have people campaign for the carving to be changed, but I think they need to be seen and learned about in context.
    Modern buildings miss a certain charm, don't they, mostly?

    1. I think we do need to learn about our buildings and their histories, even the unpleasant ones - we need to see their place and learn to do better in the future. I do not like modern buildings usually - just boring.

  2. So often we pass buildings without stopping to look at them properly. Looking up can widen your horizons.
    Lisa x