Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 3 (whoops) and Day 4

Oops, I took photo's yesterday, truly I did, but never uploaded them.

Day 3 - Something red (thanks for the idea, Angel Jem)

I was wandering round thinking what on earth do I have that is red, then I looked at the dog.....

A red harness

red harness
A red lead
Red lead
A red nose??????????  Can you see the face?

Day 4 - Something else red- any ideas what it is??????  No, me neither and that's why I don't get modern art/sculpture!

and finally flowers in Leeds - not a colour I would pick myself and don't have any in the garden.

Ok, so I cheated with 2 days of red but I was intrigued with the red "thingy" (technical term) in Leeds.


  1. Two great days of red!! Looks as though your challenge is going well so far! xx

    1. I have to admit I am struggling to remember to take the camera and then upload the photos Amy. I am hoping this month will make it more natural to do.

  2. Yes I can see the face.
    I wonder what the sculpture is, something industrial? Some part of a plane?
    Lisa x

    1. I love that tree - the eyes are where someone stapled a message.

  3. The red sculpture looks like a turbine casing and a rudder welded together. Perhaps it's a comment on how our lives now are driven by the powers of industrialisation, while the red colour signifies both warning and warmth. It's a necessary evil; or something we have to have to advance into the dawn of a post industrial society.

    Or it could be a 7 tonne piece by Anthony Caro installed for 2 years to celebrate his work? (I googled it; http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/new-exhibition-takes-shape-at-leeds-art-gallery-1-7337759)

    1. Oh My - I was sat here with my mouth open wide thinking "WT.......". Why did I never think of google.... whatever, still doesn't float my boat- - 2 years, Leeds Council have WAY too much money.