Saturday, 1 August 2015

Photo a Day 1

Something Old

Photo a day time (although I admit that I took these last Thursday when the sun came out).

In our local woods there is a huge fallen tree at the side of the path, very close to the entrance gate.  It has been there for as long as I can remember, I don't even remember it standing tall.  When I went into the woods earlier this week I discovered that someone had carved 2 owls into the wood, along with a little bench.

Anni photobombing!

I would like to think over time that whoever did this may add carvings to more of the fallen trees in the woods - it would be fab trying to find more of them.

In the past few years our local woods have become very popular, especially with schools.  We have noticed that schools often have groups of children in the woods exploring and it is lovely to see all the children wandering about.  We think they are also being taught some kind of bushcraft as everywhere you walk you see these........

unless it's where the teachers hide when they've had enough :-)


  1. Yes, it is where the teachers hide!!

    Getting children out into the greenwoods has become a big thing of late. It's called Forest Schools and the idea is that the time spent in the green is relaxing, and teaches the children care for the environment, self-sufficiency, teamwork and that school can be enjoyable. It's very popular in scandinavian countries where outdoors is a good place to be, and we have a wave of scandi-inspired ideas coming over here in education. I like it as an idea, and I think it can have really beneficial effects on children who otherwise are lost in an educational environment.

    I love the owl carvings. Very misty wood. I'd love to see faces peeping out from the trees, like Lord of the Rings gone wild!

    1. Thank you for the explanation. We have noticed the woods getting busier and busier with school children in term time but weren't sure why if had suddenly become so popular.

  2. Oh how wonderful, love that little owl head peeping out. Gettng out and about and away from the classroom now and then sounds like a good idea.
    Lisa x

    1. Mum has found more today, so I will do some more investigating.